Pitbox spill kit box

Resistenza ai raggi UVResistenza agli urtiResistenza alle temperatureResistenza agli idrocarburiResistenza alle fiammeResistenza all’acqua


Pitbox is a resistant and capacious spill kit box suitable to store the necessary absorbing equipment for accidental spillage of polluting liquids. Characterized by an innovative design with a top-opening lid, Pitbox is useful and logistically flexible because boxes can be stacked in piles.


  • Material: polypropylene, nylon
  • Production process: injection moulding
  • Logistics optimisation: the products can be delivered dismantled and stacked in piles. Fast and easy to assemble.
  • Plastic material with high resistance to: flammability, water and dust ingress, fuel and lubricating oil, UV rays, high and low temperatures.
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