Every day we are along with the drivers all over the world with our toolboxes, fire extinguisher cabinets, impact buffers, van locks, corner protectors and a wide range of accessories.

Fire and safety

First quality materials and excellence are the distinguish features of Daken firefighting products.


Daken payoff summarizes the way we work. Starting from the Automotive sector, we manufacture and distribute plastic accessories for commercial vehicles and vans. In the Firefighting sector as well, we constantly test new product lines for high-frequented places such as airports, stations, shopping centres and offices.
After an accurate research about materials, we design innovative solutions combining new dimensions and technologies. In line with the new global market trends, we give more and more importance to Van security products.


Postazioni igienizzanti in acciaio ed alluminio SANITEK // SANITEK - steel and aluminium sanitizing stations

Sanitek sanitizing station is the ideal solution to keep people and environment safe.
Thanks to its versatility it adapts to different space and functionality needs. Made with high quality materials.




  • Materials: aluminium, steel, transparent acrylic display
  • Italian design
  • Different configurations available
    • 85400 - small, with sanitizing gel bottle holder
    • 85401 - big, with gloves box  holder, sanitizing gel bottle holder and waste container
    • 85402 - big, with aluminium support for automatic sanitizing gel dispenser and drip tray
    • 85403 - big, with sanitizing gel bottle holder and fire extinguisher support