FLINK: one of the DAKEN new products for 2022

DAKEN’s product portfolio is growing with a series of interesting novelties for the Truck & Trailer sector and to be able to respond promptly to the needs of its customers.

Among the toolboxes of the plastic line, we find the toolbox FLINK.

Flink is a mix of innovation and sustainability thanks to the fact that it is made by combining regenerated plastic material with pure raw material, in such a way as to guarantee a lower environmental impact and the quality and resistance that have always distinguished Daken products.

Patented in design and functionality thanks to the aesthetic characteristics of the lid and the technical innovations of the case, Flink is the latest addition to the plastic line but leaves no room for doubt about the quality and attention to detail that our D.Lab team has in designing a new product.

Flink is practical thanks to its snap-on handle and its speed of assembly, it is optimized from a logistical point of view thanks to its stackability and it is compatible with the bracket of the main European manufacturers.

The new features of the Flink line also include possible options such as the nylon safety cotter pin and the possibility of using the shelf also as a tray, with the interlocking inside the lid.

With Flink, therefore, Daken innovation and design are combined once again.

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