Fire extinguisher cabinets

Daken fire extinguisher cabinets have been designed by our Fire and Safety division in order to suit the specific needs of high-frequented places such as hotels, resorts, shopping centres, airports, hospitals and schools.

Adamant, Regon, Kristall, Sliden and Dual lines are made of first quality materials with great resistance to water and dust ingress and to high and low temperatures. Designed with great attention to details, Daken fire extinguisher cabinets are at the same time functional and appealing.


Excellent raw materials and attention to details in the design phase make Adamant the top range of Daken fire extinguisher cabinets.


Regon are simple and functional fire extinguisher cabinets that guarantee great logistics efficiency.


Dual double fire extinguisher cabinet is the right answer to the market needs for a box that allocates two extinguishers of any dimension.


Kristall fire extinguisher cabinets are characterized by a simple and modern design thanks to the transparent lid that makes the extinguisher visible while protecting it with elegance.


Sliden fire extinguisher cabinets are the perfect solution when the spaces are very tight. The reinforced and non-deformable structure guarantees solidity and resistance in time.

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