Accessories and spare parts

To complete the products and keep quality over time, Daken offers a wide range of original accessories and spare parts.

In this page, you will find springs, seals, shelves, windows and other accessories suitable for the products of the Fire and Safety division.

89504000 Handle for Pitbox-Dual box-Sliden-Dual

Suitable for Pitbox-Universe toolboxes, Sliden- Dual- Universe fire extinguisher cabinets

89503004 Cylinder

Suitable for Dual box – Dual

85990017 Floor mounting kit

Suitable for Dual

89510 6 kg powder extinguisher

Suitable for Adamant-Regon-Sliden-Dual fire extinguisher cabinets

89510003 NF 6 kg powder extinguisher

Suitable for Adamant – Regon – Dual – Sliden – Strike fire extinguisher cabinets

89509 Grey PVC seal

Suitable for Adamant toolboxes

89515 Inspection window

Suitable for Regon-Dual fire extinguisher cabinets

89505 Inspection window

Suitable for Adamant fire extinguisher cabinets

89508 PVC clamping spring

Suitable for Adamant-Regon-Dual fire extinguisher cabinets

89567 Nylon tension spring (extra)

Suitable for Sliden fire extinguisher cabinets

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