Pitbox salt box

This is a resistant and capacious top-opening salt box conceived to deal with ice on the roads. Thanks to the particular shape of the lid, the internal rubber seal and the premium quality materials, Pit box is protected from atmospheric agents. Boxes can be stacked in piles for logistics flexibility.


  • Material: polypropylene, nylon
  • Production process: injection moulding
  • Logistics optimisation: the products can be delivered dismantled and stacked in piles. Fast and easy to assemble.
  • Plastic material with high resistance to: flammability, water and dust ingress, fuel and lubricating oil, UV rays, high and low temperatures

Modelli e dimensioni

Modelli AxBxC dim. esterne (mm) axbxc dim. interne (mm) Peso (Kg) Capacità (Lt)
86024 655x520x570 536x420x537 6,3 108,5



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