Every day we are along with the drivers all over the world. We guarantee the highest quality and functionality of the products because we are sure about our know-how in the manufacturing and distribution of plastic accessories for commercial vehicles.
We are at your side with guaranteed and certified Automotive solutions manufactured with great attention to design: toolboxes, fire extinguisher cabinets, impact buffers, Van locks, corner protectors and accessories conceived to meet all the different needs of the drivers.


We have conceived different models and dimensions to suit all the different needs of the market.

Door retainer

Fire extinguisher cabinets

Reliable and safe, our fire extinguisher cabinets for commercial vehicles guarantee maximum efficiency in emergency situations

Impact buffers

They have been designed to protect commercial vehicles from the shocks when approaching the loading dock.

Corner protectors

Corners designed to protect standard and non-standard packaging in order to deliver them perfectly packed.

Van locks

Daken Van Locks keep the cargo van of the vehicle safe from intrusions and thefts so that you can work safe and relaxed.

Accessories and spare parts

All you need to complete the products of the Automotive division to keep quality over time.


They are necessary to fix our Automotive products on the vehicle. They guarantee a perfect and safe mounting.