Daken S.p.A. is the result of a business project started in 1989 with a company specialized in the production of plastic accessories for commercial vehicles and vans. In order to attain the highest quality standards, from the project phase, we develop innovative products characterized by functionality and design “Made in Italy”. We pay close attention to the market needs so as to provide high added-value products.
With competence and teamwork, we aim at developing innovative products characterized by quality, efficiency, innovation and design. Today Daken is a well-known and competitive Company operating in 60 Countries of the World. The customer is at the centre of our research: our goal is to meet his needs with appropriate services.

Our history:

The Lorusso brothers found a company specialized in the production of accessories for commercial vehicles.
Daken foundation: a Company focused on the production of plastic accessories for commercial vehicles by injection moulding.
Daken enters the Firefighting sector aiming at redefining the concept of accessories. In the same year, the plant is enlarged: it covers an area of 23.000 sq. m.
At the International trade fair for the Automotive Industry IAA Daken launches a new line of toolboxes (JUST 600mm), a new line of fire extinguisher cabinets (REGON) and the sphere impact buffers.
Daken enlarges JUST line with two new dimensions. In line with the growing market demand, thanks to the acquisition of a new injection moulding machine, Daken doubles its production capacity.
The year of investments. Daken grows fast thanks to the design of new products and the implementation of innovative processes.
Daken launches new Automotive products: Arka 81005 and 81009 toolboxes, Just 81105 and 81106 toolboxes and SLIDEN, the new fire extinguisher cabinet.
Daken extends its product lines in its different sectors by implementing new toolboxes dimensions, by designing new fire extinguisher cabinets and by integrating new types of products such as the corners. Daken van locks gain in importance and in market shares and we are developing new models.
The plant is enlarged with a new automated warehouse.


Innovation and Development
Styling research and Design
Certified quality
Injection moulding
In the field of plastic accessories, uniform thickness means higher quality. Injection moulding process is the key of Daken success. Unlike rotational moulding process, it guarantees precise finishing with uniform thickness and higher production speed.
Following this process accurately, the raw material (Polypropylene) is homogeneously injected in the mould guaranteeing full resistance even in the weakest points.


60 Countries, 5 Continents Daken operates in more than 60 countries and it is always oriented to new markets and to the constant development of innovative design products, all utterly Made in Italy.


Thanks to the commitment and the competence of the team, in the last decades of activity we have achieved ambitious goals. We are proud to share them with those approaching our World. Daken has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certifications. The certified integrated system guarantees high performances, improved processes efficiency and a better control of environmental impact.
The AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification is a proof of reliability and financial solvency towards Institutions and customers in the field of customs procedures. Lastly, the Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code certifies specific qualitative standards of the products that have lead Daken to be identified as supplier of the USA Federal Government and of NATO bases in Italy.


29.000 sq. m. (11.000 sq. m. of covered area) dedicated to innovation, luminous spaces and minimal design details: Daken plant symbolizes the company philosophy. A cosy and sophisticated environment is a better place to work and feel comfortable. For this reason, the architects have designed a building with spacious meeting rooms, social areas and large windows. Walking through the hall, you can suddenly have an insight of Daken products, well placed in design displays. As a backdrop, the surrounding garden and a tree symbolizing vitality: an important concept for a dynamic and innovative way of working.